Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disruptive Innovation

If I told you that I have found a disruptive innovation for Africa you would have good cause to wonder what I was talking about.  While the term disruptive gives a negative connotation, it has the potential to be very positive.  Some of us who are old enough saw this happen with the advent of the personal computer.  The typewriter,  Dictaphone etc. was soon put out of business.  We saw it again with the advent of the Internet.  Everything changed.  We saw it again with cell phones.  In essence disruptive innovation forces a paradigm shift concerning the tools we use and how we use them.  The downside for some is that they replace the way things were done with something different: cheaper, better, more efficient.

Over the past weekend I found a new, potentially Disruptive Innovation.  It has been developed by Biolite.  For a full explanation watch the video below.  Actually I would encourage you to watch and listen on two levels.  The first is about a camp/cook stove that produces almost no smoke and produces electricity as a side benefit.  But the other is to listen to what these folks have learned about introducing innovation into a community.  There are many great ideas that can help people, but many of them fail because they are not introduced in a culturally appropriate way.  Let me know what you think!

Watch and Learn!!

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