Thursday, August 2, 2012

Henry Drummond and Transformation

Henry Drummond was born August 17, 1851in Stirling Scotland and died March 11, 1897.  While not well known in our day, he was a moving force in for Christianity during his short life.  A graduate of of Edinburgh, Scotland, he was a minister, world traveler, mathematician.  You can learn more about his life from Wikipedia.
Phil Hodges, partner with Ken Banchard handed out a small pamphlet entitled The Greatest Thing in the World and other Addresses.  This is a wonderful little booklet describing the power of love.  You can read  it as a pdf file at: Greatest Thing.

But I found another article that I believe is even more powerful for our day and time.  It is entitled The Changed Life.  In this short very readable essay Drummond makes the case that spiritual transformation is as natural as a rose plant producing roses.  His thesis is beautifully simple: transformation is the outcome of spending time with Jesus.  He starts the article by describing four traditional ways of transformation that do now work.  After that he warms to his basic premise that transformation follows from time spent with the one who transforms.

In a day and age where men and women are seeking all kinds of ways of sanctification Drummond draws us back the Biblical model God designed for that purpose.

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