Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Self Managed Work Groups

Learning is never static, but dynamic.  Yesterday's ideas of what makes us more efficient in the work places superseded by new ways.  Sometimes what was superseded can return under a new guise.  Taylor and his scientific management helped move us forward, but with the advent of new ways and technologies it became evident that 1) people are not cogs in the wheel of industry and 2) the key to productivity is worker satisfaction.  Once thought a waste of time self-managed work groups are now back in fashion.  Taking control of your destiny has a wonderful way of motivating you. Carter McNamara is one of my heroes.  He has put more information about organizational leadership on line than anyone I know.  Unlike so many other smart capable people he has made the content free and easy to access.  Take time to read about the history of self managed work groups at his site:   Carter McNamara 

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